Repairing Your Broken Air Conditioning Unit In Schertz

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It’s the summer, and you’re hot, sticky, and uncomfortable. Your air conditioner is broken. You feel like your house will never be cool again. But wait! There are ways to fix a broken AC without spending thousands of dollars on an expensive repairman visit or replacement unit. Read this article for some basic steps that can have you feeling more comfortable in no time!


Checking Your Unit For Visible Damage


If your AC makes strange noises or blows warm air, you may have a bigger problem with your hands. However, if it’s not working at all or is just blowing lukewarm air, there are some simple things to check before calling an expensive repairman!


– Check that the unit is plugged in and turned on – It might be as easy as testing a couple of plugs for power. If one isn’t plugging into anything, then try another outlet. Or turn off other household items to see if they’re stealing electricity from the AC (TVs can do this).


– Look for leaks nearby – You’ll want to start with checking outside connections or water lines coming out of the house.



The Importance Of Hiring An AC Specialist


You need to find an expert like Agee’s AC to help you find the source of your AC problem.


An air conditioner can malfunction for many reasons, and it’s not always easy to diagnose without visiting in person. Some common issues include:


– A dirty coil or filter which is preventing coolant from circulating properly through the system


– The compressor coils have frozen up due to being too cold outside – If they freeze, then there’s going to be moisture buildup inside them. This will cause ice buildups on surfaces close to the AC during the winter months when temperatures drop below freezing point (-17 degrees Celsius).



Know If You Need Replacement Or RepairĀ 


Probably you will need a new unit, it will last longer, and you will be able to use it for a long time.


However, if the unit is not too old and still in good condition, repairing may be possible. But that depends on the problem with your AC unit – The cost of repair can vary greatly depending on what needs fixing. For example: replacing an air filter costs less than $100 but replacing a compressor starts at around $1100 without labor charges.


The most common problems are dirty coils or filters, which need cleaning (or replacement). If someone has done this service before, they’ll know how much more life there is left in your system and whether it’s worth spending money on repairs instead of just getting rid of it altogether by buying a new one.


An old system needs frequent repairs, and it will cost you more than a new one.

When a system starts to have problems is usually because the system is old and needs to be replaced.


Repairing an air conditioner can cost greatly depending on what’s wrong with it, but a typical US-based example would be around $1100 for repairs without labor costs as a start, so do your math with care!


If your system is old and only getting a few years of life left in it, you might want to consider replacing it!